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​​​​​​What is a CSP?

Client Support Professional or virtual agent contracted by LATEAM LLC to provide call center services to our partners clients right from home.  You will be entering a 3-way business to business (B2B) relationship!

What is the investment for this oportunity?

The CSP is responsible for all basic office equipment (see workstation requirements below), a background check FREE OF CHARGE and the certification fee associated with the client program you choose. (see below) 

Do I have to be a legal resident of the United States age 18 or over?
Yes.  All services are provided from your home office based in the USA. 

Why should I choose LATEAM LLC as my IB (Independent Business)?

Some of our service to you as a CSP:

  • Provide full support through the Admissions process, during certification and while actively servicing client(s).
  • NEW CSP (new or transferring) Bonus of $50*
  • Assist in invoice disputes or issues
  • Weekly Team emails 
  • New Hire Tech Training – to avoid downtime and loss of revenue
  • Dashboard Reports 
  • Commitment Adherence Reports 
  • ​Bonus/Incentive programs – announced regularly
  • CSP referral Program – details announced monthly
  • Direct Deposit on the 15th/Last Business day of each Month 
  • All inclusive professional fees for servicing under LATEAM - both include your Arise Platform Usage fee of $19.75
    • Revenue of $299 or less = $30 Fee per pay period
    • Revenue of $300 or more = $40 Fee per pay period 

*The CSP bonus is contingent on our 90/90 rule - Provide service to your client for 90 days and maintain attendance at 90%*

How much money can I make?
Average per hour earnings range from $9 - $18 per hour.

What professional fees will I have to pay LATEAM LLC to service under your corporation?
Our service fee is $30 or $40 (see above) of your revenue earned per pay period.  Our contractors will receive revenue payments via direct deposit on the 15th and last business day of each month.  These fees are not initiated until you begin earning service revenue. 

Why does LATEAM LLC charge a professional service fee?
Simply put to cover the cost of doing business which includes support services to your micro call center business.

Please see our list of services to the CSP above.  

Why does Arise charge a service fee?
Twice a month, we are charged $19.75 for each active agent currently using the Arise Platform to service a client program.

Why do I need the Arise Platform?
Their technology platform allows you to simply "log in" to work.

The Arise Platform offers:

  • Telephony & data infrastructure needed to work remotely
  • Systems that track performance, hours and metrics!
  • Access to certification courses that prepare you for working on specific client programs.
  • Help & support to answer your questions via automated FAQ HELP (available on the portal 24/7), live chat support (during business hours on the portal) and the “Partner Support” desk.
  • Support resources providing performance enhancement and informational sessions regarding the client program you choose.​

Still not sure what this is all about - click here and read more!

Are we responsible for our own taxes, or is this handled automatically?
Yes, you will be issued a 1099-M for each tax year you earn revenue.

Can I have another job or contract with another company while I provide services for Arise clients?
Yes, you certainly can! However, we do expect our Independent Contractors to honor their scheduled commitments to our clients and meet all performance standards.

How long before I can start servicing clients?
After completing all the admissions steps your next step will be to enroll in a client certification course of your choice. 

Courses may take between two to six weeks depending on the client selected.

The courses average $149 or less in cost.  

Do I get paid for Client Training?
No, this a necessary investment as an independent contractor in order for you to provide call center services. 


What are the Technical Requirements for this opportunity?
Please click the button below for a full list of your home office requirements.

I am ready to get started. What is the next step?
Go to our Become an Agent page to get started.

Already begun the Arise Admissions Process and want to sign with LATEAM LLC?

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