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Hi, nice to meet you I am Latonya!  Owner of LATEAM LLC!

I am really glad you stopped by and I hope we can work together soon. 

What I wanted to be first was a wife, mom, grandmother, caregiver to my Dad who was fighting Cancer and my Mom dealing with a diagnosis of Dementia. 

Now I own a Virtual Call Center Company partnered with Technology Platforms designed for freelancers/contractors who wish to work for themselves but not by themselves.  These partnerships has allowed me to become so much more! 


Can I do the same for you?​

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Established in 2012 as the bridge between companies needing outsource support and remote agents able to offer it! 

Our business partners provides the clients and additional technology needed beyond your home office set up so you can easily act as a service agent for our Clients. 

All our agents have the ability to work from home and select their own schedules, allowing them to fit their work around other commitments. We understand the importance of excellent customer service, and our agents are trained to provide just that. The best part? Our entire certification process is completed remotely, and we are always available to support our agents with any questions or concerns they may have. Join our team today and take advantage of our flexible work options!

We have over 28 corporate giants that need our support. 

They represent the best of the best in their respective industry. 



I'm always looking for new people to work with and I hope you decide to be one of them! Let's connect.


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