"LATEAM LLC is an awesome company to work for! Mrs. Pace, the executive director, is so kind and helpful! She responds as promptly as possible, answers every question you have as well as provides helpful job aids that you can refer back to. She's always there to help you stay on top of and improve any requirements for the client as well. If you are new to this, had a bad experience your first go around or just looking for a change, then partnering with LATEAM LLC will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make! I can't thank this company and Mrs. Pace enough for the help in my success!"

​​Chasity P, Theme Park Client



We maintain a healthy relationship with our technology partners. 

In fact, we are a PREMIER SERVICE PARTNER within their network. 

Meaning we operate with honesty, integrity, transparency and the highest of ethics! 


Our other obligation is to you the agent who works from home!  



Our legal and administrative structure provide you with the business backing you need:

  • Premier Partner Liaisons - help resolve any issue in a prompt manner

  • Vouchers to help pay for the certification costs!

  • Touch-points -   as a Premier Partner we interact regularly with our partner Arise often getting a first peek at new lines of business coming down the pipeline.  


You focus on building a reputation as a reliable work from home contractor and let us worry about the other things! 

We'll handle the following:



  • 1099 M distribution and reporting

  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT- including copies of invoices; contracts and other important documents. 



We communicate regularly and even host regular sessions to assist you with building your small business such as:

  • Orientation 

  • Certification Prep

  • Production Prep

  • Managing Tech issues

  • How to Leverage Client offered incentives

  • .....and other sessions designed to help you build a more successful micro call center. 


"I am an independent contractor partnering with LATEAM LLC to provide call center services to Arise clients. I have been working with them for nearly 2 years. They are very professional and helpful in their dealings. Their fees are very fair and I'm always paid accurately and on time. I would recommend this business to anyone!

​​Michelle M, Artificial IQ Client